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Russian Girls Free Dating

Biggest database of Russian girls

Thank you for visiting our Free Dating site to meet girls from Russia. We are part of MAMBA project that created and runs the biggest database of single women in Russia and already has over 12 million profiles of registered users all around the world. There can be 100 thousands users online, no other dating site in Russia has such big community. This is definitely the leader in online dating industry and the best place to meet single Russian girls. Here you can find a perfect wife for marriage or just a girlfriend for sex. Serious relationships or just casual dating.  

Chat with girls for free

All services on the website are free. It means you can chat to a girl from Russia in real time and you don't have to pay anything for that. Sure not all of the girls are looking for a foreign guy or speak English. But you can have your messages automatically translated if you are using Google Chrome browser. Here you can read about most popular free messengers used by girls from Russia.

Real status

To save users from spammers and fraud, there is special system to identify each user and to get registered on the site, every person should confirm their cell phone number. Each person can only have one profile associated with his mobile phone number. This makes it very difficult for scammers to post multiple profiles. If there is some strange activity from some users who are trying to use the system for spam, their profiles get blocked and deleted from the dating database.

Exchange contact details

You can exchange your contact details and other information. There are no restrictions to send your phone number or e-mail address to a girl you met on this site. So you can get off from the site anytime you want and use it only to get initial contact and go on communicating to women through regular e-mail or skype.

Video Chat with Russian women

You can also do videochat with serious Russian women on the site if they have webcams. Just do the search for women with webcams and enjoy talking to them live. And who knows, maybe one of those girls will be ready for marriage and will become your wife. 

Travel with Russian girls

This site is not only for dating... If you want to travel and need a company of a beautiful Russian girl, you can find her here. Girls post their travel preferences and are also looking for a company who can join them. Some girls would pay for themselves, some would like you to cover their expenses. And that means that they are open for sex as well when travel with you. 
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